For Startups

The Reality

A faster, smarter path to market

  • Getting product-market fit right, the first time, is hard.
  • Building a successful sales platform and distribution strategy can be costly, resource intensive, and risky.
  • After the platform is built, how do you know who the right partners are to launch with?
  • How does a startup incentivize their channel partners above and beyond standard resale agreements?

The Solution

What We Offer

Participation in corporate CXO executive briefing program

GTM platform and strategy consulting

Identification and onboarding of global channel ecosystem

Conversion of channel partners into investors, and syndication of their strategic capital

The Value

How You’ll Benefit

  • More frequent CXO interactions provide critical feedback loop for testing and validation of product/market fit, and sets up future sales opportunities
  • Save time, capital and resources by getting the GTM strategy right the first time
  • Accelerate sales with faster build-out of a channel ecosystem with a track record of success
  • Mitigate go-to-market execution risk
  • Pivot faster on value props, use cases, and pricing models based on experienced channel feedback
  • Access a global network of investors who are actually in a position to help you succeed, and have a vested interest in doing so


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