Innovation Experience Program

The Reality

CXOs are being called upon to transform and lead their businesses.

Technology leaders are constantly having to sort through the chaos of emerging tech as they are being asked to lead and transform their businesses. The Innovation Experience program was created to alleviate the burden and complexities of this process, while putting Silicon Valley to work for you.

We collaborate with corporate teams to understand the most critical initiatives in order to curate a completely customized innovation workshop. Program participants are given facilitated access to only the most relevant VCs, founders, companies, and emerging technologies. By efficiently gaining awareness and insights not previously available, leaders are able to make more informed strategic decisions for the business.

The Solution

What We Offer

Six Week Innovation Engagement 

4-6 week engagement culminating in a facilitated workshop, 100% customized to your specific needs, areas of interest, & initiatives

Aggregated, customized access to Innovation from dozens of VC firms, hundreds of industry thought-leaders and thousands of founder/CEOs & technologies

Proprietary, tailored process that delivers only the best, most relevant solutions for your for your most important initiatives


What They’re Saying

“The Syndicate Group’s Innovation Experience provided an extremely high-value learning and team-building engagement, with unprecedented access to relevant innovation. There is nothing else like this for CXOs and their teams.”

Wendy M. Pfeiffer

CIO, Nutanix

“TSG’s Innovation Experience fills a massive gap in the industry with a very unique engagement, thoughtfully prepared to provide meaningful value to VCs, Startups, and CXOs alike.”

Tim Guleri

Managing Director, Sierra Ventures

“Through their Innovation Experience Program, the Syndicate Group does a tremendous job of connecting the most relevant innovations of Silicon Valley with corporate CXOs from around the world to help drive business outcomes.”

Srinivas Krishnamurti

Co-Founder & CEO, Zugata

“The Innovation Experience Program is unlike any other in our industry, meticulously curated to bring together relevant Innovators and CXOs in a facilitated workshop that advances critical business initiatives.”

Sinan Eren

Founder & CEO, Fyde


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