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Case study - Empowering Channel Growth: Grip Security's Journey with TSG

Empowering Channel Growth

Grip Security's Journey
with TSG


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Value Beyond Capital

Since its founding in 2021, Grip Security has been on an extraordinary growth trajectory. Over the past year alone, bookings have surged by over 400%, indicating strong market demand and customer trust.

Notably, Grip Security boasts an impressive client roster, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. To support the company’s skyrocketing success, the workforce has nearly tripled. Grip Security’s rapid growth positions it as a formidable player in the cybersecurity industry.

Raising $41 million in Series B funding led by Third Point Ventures, with participation from YL Ventures, Intel Capital and TSG, the investment brings Grip Security’s total funding to $66 million and marks a major milestone for the company, further accelerating its go-to-market strategy and advancing product development. In today’s rapidly transforming IT landscape, managing SaaS identity risks holistically has become a pressing need for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Grip Security is uniquely positioned to address this critical challenge with its groundbreaking platform.

TSG’s Unique Value: Investors with a Deeper Purpose

TSG’s program operates with a similar methodology, aggregating a small yet specialized group of investors who offer the expertise and network necessary to accelerate growth in addition to their contributions of capital. TSG’s alignment with these ideals demonstrated that the program would provide the critical guidance necessary to both manage and promote Grip’s rapid growth while allowing the company to continue prioritizing deep engagements with investors, customers, and partners.

High-Value Channel Partners
Making a Real Difference

TachTech is a technology reseller and integrator passionate about trust, security, and privacy in the digital world.  Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, TachTech brings a holistic and collaborative approach to security program execution centered around the best emerging tech products and services. Viewed by enterprise CXOs and CISOs as a thought-leader in cybersecurity, TachTech was early to market with industry greats including Abnormal Security, CrowdStrike, and Palo Alto Networks.  With a connection through TSG their relationship with Grip Security was no different, quickly establishing a partnership with Grip when they were a young Series A company and committing sales and engineering resources to bringing SaaS Identity Risk Management to clients. “Grip offers a robust solution and fast time to value for clients who need to gain visibility and control over their SaaS environment. Grip understands what’s required to succeed in the enterprise and invests alongside its channel partners to create meaningful outcomes for today and the future,” says Kyle Rosenthal, TachTech Chairman & CEO. “TSG is a trusted partner to bring us strong solutions, and their joint incentive model accelerates trust.  TSG serves as a seal of approval that participating companies understand, value, and show commitment to channel partners.”
Presidio is a premier Global Digital Services and Solutions Provider focused on helping clients navigate a rapidly evolving technology landscape through risk reduction and project execution.  Familiar with Presidio’s expertise in Cybersecurity and Managed Services, TSG was eager to introduce the Presidio teams to Grip.  For the first ever meeting with Grip executives, the Presidio team invited a long-time Fortune500 CISO who was familiar with the SaaS Identity Risk landscape and a current challenge in that space.  The CISO at first was skeptical that Grip could show him anything he couldn’t already identify from his existing tools.  He agreed to conduct a PoV and immediately found unsanctioned apps that he was not aware of and needed to be pulled into their existing federated architecture for known apps.  In less than 2 months from the initial meeting, the CISO became a Grip customer with a three year contract and Presidio signed a nationwide resale agreement to partner with  Grip.
World Wide Technology (WWT) is one of the largest privately held global technology service providers in the world.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry, WWT helps the world’s largest and most innovative organizations think differently about technology and how it can drive their business forward. TSG introduced Grip to several influential executives at WWT, including the VP & GM of Global Security and the VP of Sales for WWT’s Pursuits team which is chartered with establishing relationships with new clients.  WWT teams immediately began seeing value in a relationship with Grip as they received enthusiastic and positive feedback from tech execs at existing Fortune500 Grip customers as well as clients seeing the Grip solution for the first time.  The evidence was fast and clear: Grip could be used across the WWT client base to introduce a new category of SaaS Identity Risk Management, enhance their Identity Governance programs, and could be extremely effective as an innovative “wedge” product to onboard net new clients into the WWT family.  A successful partnership was born, WWT launched a SaaS Identity Risk Assessment (SIRA) web page powered by Grip, and global enterprises began to benefit accordingly.

Maximizing Channel Relationships

The investment helps Grip Security accelerate its channel-led growth strategy and has already spurred partner interest and sales pipelines that have exceeded expectations, setting the company up to overachieve its financial goals. TSG has a demonstrated history of investing in disruptive, category-creating companies and helping them accelerate revenue growth. Driven largely by growth in the channel, Grip Security expects to triple its bookings from the previous fiscal year.

TSG is introducing Grip Security to its ecosystem of more than 450 leading channel partner companies and more than 7,500 TSG members to accelerate the company’s growth strategy. The introductions have received enormous partnering activity and investment interest as many of its members are investors in the TSG funds. Startups introduced to the network can accelerate their go-to-market efforts by connecting with relevant channel partners and investors, and by capturing mindshare and focus all the way through exit. TSG channel partner companies and members benefit by staying ahead of emerging tech trends, gaining early access to great resale relationships and sharing in the value-growth upside of the greatest enterprise tech companies through private, pre-IPO investments.

About Grip Security

Grip helps companies modernize their security architecture and adapt to how SaaS is acquired today. Our SaaS Security Control Plane solution helps companies discover, prioritize, secure and orchestrate compliance and risk management for all SaaS regardless of the device. Grip unifies control points, telemetry, analytics and operations so companies can embrace a business-led IT strategy safely and securely. Our purpose-built platform leverages existing infrastructure and is designed to simplify SaaS security operations with built-in, out-of-the-box automation that makes this possible.

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Starr Insurance, OneMagnify, and Auto Club Group

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