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The TSG Platform
A Sophisticated, Secure Community

What does it do?

TSG efficiently connects Strategic Channel Partners and Startups for lucrative resale relationships, greater speed to market, and exclusive pre-IPO investment access.

How does it work?

The TSG Platform leverages an approach rooted in data science to collect and analyze information in order to make extremely informed decisions regarding matching startups with highly strategic partners and investors.

For Investors

Partners get early looks at the best companies and unprecedented access to invest in them

Based on data provided by you and your colleagues, The Platform pre-selects investment and resale opportunities that best fit your strategic abilities

Participate in exclusive pre-IPO investment opportunities directly through The Platform

Receive Platform notifications for early looks at the emerging enterprise tech companies most relevant to you and your business

Manage and track all current and past investments through the TSG Platform

Investor Dashboard

For Startups

Startups benefit from channel partners who have more skin in the game

Leverage The Platform’s SCP Launch function to collaborate with TSG on your own Strategic Capital Program

Reach thousands of individuals from hundreds of channel companies in single portal

Identify specific strategic partners and investors who can help you grow your business

Expand relationships at current channel partners by gaining access to TSG's extensive contact network

Startup Dashboard