Strategic Capital Program

The Reality

A faster, smarter path to market

As a team with an extensive history in leading strategic investments in companies like AppDynamics, Nutanix, Cohesity, CrowdStrike and CliQr we know that building an effective sales platform and distribution channel while fighting for mindshare can be a difficult task for a developing company.  As a solution, we designed the Strategic Capital Program. It was created to mitigate go-to-market risk and accelerate sales with unique incentives for your channel ecosystem.

The SCP is a platform that enables you to provide your channel partners and other strategics with the rare opportunity to become pre-IPO investors with no additional costs, distractions, or complicated cap table additions for you.  By giving the folks in the field a personal stake in your company’s success, you create a virtual army of individual key contributors who are highly motivated to create a faster path to a more significant outcome.

The Solution

What We Offer

Participation in corporate CXO executive briefing program

GTM platform and strategy consulting

Conversion of channel partners into investors, and syndication of their strategic capital


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