Strategic Capital Program

The Reality

A faster, smarter path to market

Having led strategic channel investments in AppDynamics, Nutanix, Cohesity, CrowdStrike, CliQr and more, we know that effectively executing a go-to-market strategy while fighting for partner mindshare can be a difficult task.  As a solution, we designed the Strategic Capital Program to mitigate go-to-market risk and accelerate sales with the most unique incentive for your channel ecosystem partners.

The SCP is a platform which enables you to provide channel partners and other strategics with the rare opportunity to become pre-IPO investors with no additional costs, distractions, or additional cap table complexities.  Create a virtual army of individual contributors in the field who now have a personal stake in putting the company on a faster path to a more significant exit, and are in a unique position to deliver it.

The Solution

What We Offer

Participation in corporate CXO executive briefing program

GTM platform and strategy consulting

Conversion of channel partners into investors, and syndication of their strategic capital


What They’re Saying

“There is no better way to obtain mindshare and focus from your strategic partners than to give them an opportunity to share in the long-term upside of your company’s value growth.”

Todd Palmer

VP of WW Channels, Cohesity

“A startup’s willingness to provide key partners with investment access speaks to the strength of their commitment to building long-term channel relationships.”

Clay Goldberg

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, CTG Federal

“Finally, an organized program that allows for strategic channel partners to benefit from startup exits they are helping to deliver. Kudos to The Syndicate Group.”

Chris Pyle

CEO, Champion Solutions Group

“I am very impressed by being given a chance to share directly in our partner’s success.”

Andy Shulman

SVP, ePlus

“A true partnership relies on both parties committing to each other. The Syndicate Group has created a unique offering to generate a level of commitment that is sure to deliver longer-term benefits.”

Bill Lipsin

Senior Partner, The Spur Group

“The ability to share in the pre-IPO upside of a vendor relationship for whom we are helping to drive go-to-market value, is the most innovative channel program we’ve seen in a long time.”

Jamie Lee

SVP Sales, Intervision


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