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Finding the Reset Button

Perhaps I haven’t fully realized or appreciated the importance of a reset until now.  Most of us live according to certain habits and routines which are assumed to be productive in delivering certain outcomes we want for ourselves and our loved ones.  Unfortunately, we are not always at our best while deep in those routines, and therefore need a break. A change of scenery, or some would say a reset, is needed in order to get back to a desired mental, physical, or emotional state of being which allows for the best version of self to reappear.  For me, this has never been more true than now, in these uncertain times driven by fear, anxiety, division, and the hyper-politicization of seemingly everything.  

I’ve always had my go-to ways of achieving this: surfing, swimming, jiu-jitsu, camping, or a simple nap for example.  I run without music so I can use the time to prepare for an important presentation or meeting.  Sometimes when I swim I try to let my mind wander to whatever it decides needs attention in the moment.  Even flying on a plane use to serve as a reset for me.  Pre-covid, I would travel for at least one or two days/week from my home in Los Angeles to Silicon Valley for business.  The time on the plane was my time to lose myself in music or explore business and life strategy with deep thought. 

Never do I complete one of those activities and feel worse than I did beforehand.  Never.  I have more clarity and energy.  I feel more purposeful and deliberate with the rest of my day or week.  I even took it a step further recently and took a break from taking a break!  We decided to give our kids a change of scenery and let them do zoom schooling from Idaho for 2 weeks.  I can work remotely just as well so we went for it.  It was amazing.  We had a cabin nestled up against the mountains in Idaho, looking over a big pond with daily wildlife sightings including bald eagles circling the water looking for their next meal.  We were in heaven, and quickly settled into a routine of zoom schooling and TSG work for most of the day then fun outdoor activities in the afternoon and evening.  But one week into the trip I realized there could be even more benefit from a temporary change from the change!  I took two days completely off the grid and went trout fishing.  It was a very exclusive, off-grid spot on an Indian reservation in Wyoming, and the best trout fishing I’ve ever experienced.  It was absolutely therapeutic, I felt like a new man when I arrived back home, and it helped make the latter half of our family trip that much better!

These resets can of course take many different forms and we all need to find what works best for us as individuals.  But I think we can all agree we all need them from time to time.  Breaking things up, engaging in different activities which give you real space to think and feel differently, is a good thing.  And not just for you, but for those around you.  When we invest in ourselves and take the time to reset so we can be in a better place going forward, it benefits our businesses and everyone in our orbit. 

I add this to my list of lessons learned through the covid experience. I now recognize the importance of the reset, am more aware of the tools available to me to achieve it, and am able to be more proactive about seeking it out.  For that, I am thankful.

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