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Learning and Growth During Challenging Times

Nobody wants a crisis, but many end up being grateful for what they’ve learned as they emerge from one.  As we see our way through the current global challenge, there are 4 things that have helped us lead our business, employees, and clients through a trying time.

Manage the Emotion

Any sort of crisis inevitably will have an outsized amount of emotion it pulls along, especially during a crisis with many unknowns in terms of affect, duration, and outcome.  It’s natural for people to become sad, angry, or fearful during a very difficult time.  That emotion is an important part of the process and shouldn’t be suppressed, but does need to be managed.  Especially as a leader, it is critical that you recognize your emotions and those of others, but not let them take over your ability to make rational, logical decisions. In order to truly be of service to your business and your team you must lead with a clear head that stays true to yourself and what got you to where you are now.

Now is Not the Time for Blame

It’s hard to look at thousands of people falling ill or dying from a virus and millions more suffering from imposed restrictions, and not want to immediately assign blame.  If you’re a business leader and you feel you could have been better prepared for such a time, it’s hard not to blame yourself accordingly.  Neither does anyone any good in the moment.  Accept the things you cannot change, and channel your energy toward what you can going forward.  That energy is one of your most valuable and limited commodities in a crisis; do not waste it on blaming yourself or others.

Plan and Prepare for the End… of the Crisis!

Plan and Prepare for the End… of the Crisis!  Of all the work to be done to get yourself and your business through a challenging time, one of the most important tasks is being ready for it to be over.  Accordingly, one of the most common failings in these situations is to think it will never end and make decisions accordingly.  Do not be a passenger to the times, do not be along for the ride.  Take control and be proactive in planning for how your business and your teams will emerge on the other side of it stronger than ever. 

Count Your Blessings

No matter how dire a situation becomes, there is always an opportunity to be grateful for the blessings you do have.  Losing perspective in a crisis can lead to poor decision-making, inactivity, and catastrophic results.  Put things into proper context, think in relative terms, and don’t ever forget to remember and be grateful for the blessing you do have.  This mindset will foster more decisive and wise leadership, ultimately helping to pull yourself and others through the most challenging of times.

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